John Heads and Zwhh


Heads is a two-headed non-organic arctic fox, big fan of vehicles and everything else that's propelled mechanically. Unlike regular organic lifeforms, his ration consists of electricity, although he can consume and digest regular food without any harm or, well, profit - he just won't get any nutrition from it. His main perk is an ability to split into two or more foxes and take any shape (not transform!) or fill any niche (like he can stick a finger into a keyhole). Zwhh (pronounced ╘╬▓░ or Zewk) - metamultiverse. It's hard to describe the guy, because, well, he's everything! Absolutely everything - even Yaoyao, Zipt and Hukki and other multiverses. When he takes a specific form, he usually looks like a two-faced tripedal yellow fox, otherwise he's taking care of being physics and stars and light emitted off of these and other people and things.