Quark-Gluon and Quark


Quark-Gluon - well, technically, it's the same Quark, just from a parallel universe below Quark's, and he's existing in the same Kyte/Hayao intersection as Xepton/Bront/Todd. Till a certain unknown moment, he had the same abilities and personality as regular Quark, when a test transmission of a space-sized hamburger from Zipt to Kyte erroneously hit him and Quark-Gluon grew a bit to a size of a star system, also getting the same multifoxxo perks as the other multiverses. He's still getting used to these abilities, and since he's pretty late to the multifoxxo party, yaoyao/kyte people aren't as diverse as in the rest of multiverses! So far, he uses his new powers to get big as he always wanted to be, while playing around with his own evolution (dinoanderthal - that's him, yet to upload these sketches here).

Technically there should be equally excited Brane, but I didn't have enough time to fit him in, so pretend he's one-dimensional... Quark's really happy that his parallel self is able to grow big and strong!

John Heads and Zwhh


Heads is a two-headed non-organic arctic fox, big fan of vehicles and everything else that's propelled mechanically. Unlike regular organic lifeforms, his ration consists of electricity, although he can consume and digest regular food without any harm or, well, profit - he just won't get any nutrition from it. His main perk is an ability to split into two or more foxes and take any shape (not transform!) or fill any niche (like he can stick a finger into a keyhole). Zwhh (pronounced ╘╬▓░ or Zewk) - metamultiverse. It's hard to describe the guy, because, well, he's everything! Absolutely everything - even Yaoyao, Zipt and Hukki and other multiverses. When he takes a specific form, he usually looks like a two-faced tripedal yellow fox, otherwise he's taking care of being physics and stars and light emitted off of these and other people and things.

Yaoyao and Vuk-D


Arctic fox Yaoyao - planet creator and candy consumer. Busy doing everything at once, but usually he transforms himself and goofs around, plus collects everything remotely electronic that's produced by him-multiverse and his friends. Vuk-D is a cartoon fox that's stretched all over Zwhh-verse and inhabits all the electric and electronic things across Zwhh, be it a regular toaster, Zipt's phone or a prehistoric stone PC at Kyte's place.

Zipt and Yao in the park


Thought on a thing - Yao's a fluff, right and has humanoid feet So, what that means, is that his feet (and feet of other alien foxxos, like Fotoof) are fluffy on top and bare on the bottom. Doodled that to demonstrate the difference between Yao and Zipt's feet - and Zipt isn't a fluff x3

Cyfox and Fotoof


Cyfox is a long-haired cyclops, and, well, that's pretty much all his specific features! Well, except that he lives in Woorie-multiverse and (so far) he's the only, who knows his multiverse directly. And Fotoof is Cyfox's friend, Zwhh-artifact and he's an essence of all stomping in the multiverse, so everything that has anything to do with walking or stomping - it's him, yeah! Be it Cyfox's sneakers, or a picture or Cyfox's stompers - that's all Fotoof. He lives in a shoe box on Cyfox's room, sometimes goes out as Cyfox's pair of sneakers!

Brane and Quark


Two fox brothers, they live in one of many Zipt universes. Quark knows of his "atomic" abilities for a while already - he can manipulate his state of aggregation, split into small particles, infuse with things and even change into other existing species, being limited only by his own mass. His overgrown younger brother Brane (M-theory term), however, just recently learned of his brushie abilities, so he's not as good with that... yet. He doesn't know that in his case he's probably a tiny bit stronger than Quark, since he can manipulate his dimensional state (although he cannot shapeshift, only keep his original shape somewhat)



Don't have much input on her yet, but she's your typical six-legged multiverse girl! Probably into dancing and into cool looking shoes.



Usually lanky and somewhat clumsy, he's the guy keeping all the shops around Zwhh-metaverse. The only multifoxxo to stay adult most of the time - at least during working hours.