Quark-Gluon and Quark


Quark-Gluon - well, technically, it's the same Quark, just from a parallel universe below Quark's, and he's existing in the same Kyte/Hayao intersection as Xepton/Bront/Todd. Till a certain unknown moment, he had the same abilities and personality as regular Quark, when a test transmission of a space-sized hamburger from Zipt to Kyte erroneously hit him and Quark-Gluon grew a bit to a size of a star system, also getting the same multifoxxo perks as the other multiverses. He's still getting used to these abilities, and since he's pretty late to the multifoxxo party, yaoyao/kyte people aren't as diverse as in the rest of multiverses! So far, he uses his new powers to get big as he always wanted to be, while playing around with his own evolution (dinoanderthal - that's him, yet to upload these sketches here).

Technically there should be equally excited Brane, but I didn't have enough time to fit him in, so pretend he's one-dimensional... Quark's really happy that his parallel self is able to grow big and strong!